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Stanislava Stoytcheva black&white keys festival

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Piano / Vocals

Barber Songs, Improvisationen
acclaimed record 2022

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 Samuel Barber Songs & Improvisations piano/vocals

  1. With rue my heart is laden, 1927, "Three Songs", Op.2, No. 2 Lyrics by A.E.Housman
  2. In the Wilderness, 1968, "Despite and Still", op.41, No. 3, Lyrics by Robert Graves
  3. Now have I fed and eaten up the rose, 1972, "Tree songs", Op. 45, No. 1, Lyrics by James Joyce
  4. Love's Caution, 1935, Lyrics by Wiliam Henry Davies
  5. Mother, I cannot mind my wheel, 1927, Lyrics by Walter Savage Landor
  6. A Slumber Song of the Madonna, 1925, Lyrics by Alfred Noyes
  7. A Last Song, 1968, "Despite and Still", op. 41, No. 1, Lyrics by Robert Graves
  8. A Nun Takes the Veil, 1937, "Four Songs", op. 13,  No. 1, Lyrics by Gerard Manley Hopkins
  9. The Desire for Hermitage, 1953,"Hermit Songs", Op. 29, No. 10,  8th-9th century, based on a translation by Sean O'Faola
  10. Sleep now, 1935, " Three Song", Op. 10, No. 2,  Lyrics by James Joyce

With Rue My Heart Is Laden" Op.2, S.Barber

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