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Live Recording Session:

Tribute to Toots Thielemans by Grégoire Maret & Kenny Werner

Gregoire Maret wToots

Der Mundharmonika Virtuose GRÉGOIRE MARET ehrt seine 2016 im Alter von 94 Jahren verstorbene, große Inspiration TOOTS THIELEMANS mit diesem Konzert. Für dieses Projekt spielt Grégoire mit dem langjährigen Pianisten und Kollaborateur von Toots selbst, KENNY WERNER. Das Programm wird von Toots geschriebene oder ihm zugeschriebene Stücke wie Bluesette, Midnight Sun, Theme from Midnight Cowboy, The Dolphin, I Do It For Your Love und What a Wonderful World enthalten. Aus Respekt vor Toots Thielemans wird Grégoire Thielemans Musik in seinem eigenen Stil spielen.

Grégoire Maret über das Projekt:
“The essence of Toots, to me, can be understood by the way he described his music “Between a Smile and a Tear”.
What makes someone a genius? Its hard to say. Even though i do believe everyone will agree Toots was a true genius!
The way his music was timeless and will remain fresh for generations to come is of course a huge part of it. But also his sensitivity “a fleur de peau” was something so unique and incredible. His true love of melodies, complete knowledge of harmony with a passion for beauty, the fact that he was such a special human being are also part of it.
A true gift to all of us, his music has inspired almost all musicians from all genres, styles of music, over several generations.
His simplicity and kindness as a human being were really impressive and inspiring. Maybe what touched me the most was to discover how this incredible musical genius remained so true to himself as a human being. He never let success and fame get in the way!
He really tried to grow his entire life and only respected people with a true identity in music.
The reason he took interest in me and my music, i believe, was because i was different and wasn’t trying to copy him just to copy him.
Knowing that and knowing that he would have hated to have a tribute where someone just play his music exactly the way he performed it,
I decided to embarque on a journey to rediscover his music and see where it takes me…
I will start with his songs and try to find my own way to perform them. With some rearrangements, new harmonies and rhythm i will try to find new places where his spirit is truly honored but his music is being played through a new prism.
Of course his standards bluesette will be presented, as well as melodies he really loved to play, but in a different light.
I will then see where his music takes me and then maybe write a few songs in his honor.
the list of songs i will work on will include Bluesette, What a wonderful world, I do it for your love, Velas, Comercar di novo, The dolphin, Midnight sun, Theme from Midnight Cowboy”

Kenny & Toots by Jacques Lowe #1


Kenny Werner ist seit über 40 Jahren als Weltklasse Pianist uns Komponist bekannt. Seine Veröffentlichungen im Bereich Komposition, Aufnahmen und Literatur erreichen bis heute ein breites Publikum. Im Jahr 1996 erschien sein vielleicht bekanntestes Werk “Effortless Mastery – Liberating the Master Musician Within”.  Kenny Werner unterrichtet am Berkelee College of Music und ist sowohl als Sideman als auch mit seinen eigenen Projekten global unterwegs.
“Kenny Werner is a total musician. He feeds my heart and my brain and pushes me into fresh territories. I am grateful that our agendas can coincide that often.
P.S. He also wrote a book on how to “liberate” one’s own creativity!”
Toots Thielemans


Studiokonzert am 15. September 2018
Einlass ab 19:00, Konzertbeginn um 20:00

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