Thomas Rückert Trio “Leela”


With this project, Thomas Rückert is realizing a long-cherished wish to play his new program with Thomas Morgan and Fabian Arends.

Thomas Rückert and Thomas Morgan met in NYC in 1999 where they worked together and grew to like each other. Thomas Morgan is featured on many CDs from the ECM label, including with Paul Motian and Jakob Bro.

Thomas Rückert and Fabian Arends have been valued trio partners for some time. Fabian is one of the most sought-after drummers on the German jazz scene.

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Grammy award winner Alan Broadbent comments on the album: “This is a special trio. Three playing as one in a quiet intensity that grows with each track. From the inward ruminations expressed in LEELA, the reminiscences on the old standard BILL, the humor in FAST FOOT, the searching improvisations of Lee Konitz’s SUBCONCIOUS LEE, the tender painting of PIA, to the beautiful  and apt closing track MOMA, this trio explores music that has more to do with communicating feelings and emotion rather than empty technical display! A very satisfying album. Bravo!”

Thomas Rückert – piano
Thomas Morgan – bass
Fabian Arends – drums

Produced by Ralf Kemper
Recording Engineer: Ralf Kemper
Mixing Engineer: Jetmir “Milli” Serifi
Mastered by Jetmir “Milli” Serifi at Riverside Mastering Lab
Dolby Atmos Mix October 2021
Ralf Kemper & Sam Donalies at Immersive Studio 4


  1. Leela 03:13
  2. Bill 06:36
  3. Raven 05:46
  4. Fast Foot 02:38
  5. Pia 06:44
  6. Subconscious Lee 05:38
  7. No 12 04:04
  8. Ghost Cat 05:47
  9. Backup 05:18
  10. Where is the mate for me 05:12
  11. Sun behind the sun 03:54
  12. Hola Maria 05:10
  13. Moma 04:30





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