Arus Adjemian

Outstanding concert pianist

Arus Adjemian, a highly acclaimed pianist born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1983, mesmerizes audiences worldwide with her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to promoting Armenian music and culture.


Arus Adjemian

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Arus Adjemian

Arus Adjemian's illustrious career as a pianist began in Yerevan in 1983, where she was born into a family of musicians. From a tender age, her exceptional talent was evident, leading her to commence her musical education at the esteemed Staatliches Komitas-Konservatorium under the tutelage of Professor Rosa Tandilyan, a highly respected figure in the field.

Following the completion of her studies, Arus embarked on a remarkable journey marked by participation in competitions, festivals, and concerts worldwide. Her prowess on the piano garnered recognition early on, as evidenced by her victory at the prestigious "Talented Young Musicians" competition in 1998, followed by the receipt of the "Best Performer" diploma at the International Symposium of Pianists dedicated to Frederic Chopin the subsequent year.

Arus's talent and dedication were further honed through valuable masterclasses with acclaimed pianists such as Daniel Pollack and Nikolay Petrov, enhancing her skills and deepening her understanding of music. Her performances, characterized by their captivating and soul-stirring nature, earned her admiration and acclaim from audiences and peers alike.

In 2006, Arus had the distinct honor of performing her father's Second Piano Concerto with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, a poignant tribute to her family's musical legacy and her unwavering commitment to promoting Armenian music and culture. Her contributions to various events, including the Aram Khachaturian First Piano Competition, further solidified her status as a cultural ambassador.

Arus's illustrious career has been adorned with numerous accolades, including the prestigious title of "Verdienter Künstler Armeniens" bestowed upon her in 2014. Despite her remarkable success, Arus remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence, continuously striving to share her passion for music with audiences worldwide.

In 2023, Arus embarked on a new chapter in her career, signing an artist deal with the esteemed label Eden River Records and a management deal with Ralf Kemper and Riverside Studios Cologne. Her inaugural release under Eden River Records is scheduled for May/June 2024, promising an immersive experience in both stereo and Dolby Atmos formats, featuring music from 20th-century Armenia. This milestone marks yet another testament to Arus's enduring commitment to her craft and her ongoing journey as a pianist dedicated to enriching the world with her artistry.